Hawaiian Heat

O - One Team (we will play together, win together, lose together, develop together as one team)

N - Never Quit (we will never quit regardless of errors, additionally we will learn to bounce back from our mistakes)

F - Field (we will develop positive life skills through fast-pitch softball that will guide our decisions on and off the field)

I - Inspire (we will honor the game to inspire healthy competition amongst our peers)

R - Responsible (we will be responsible as coaches, parents and triple-impact competitors)

E - Effort (we will reward effort to fill our coaches, parents and player's emotional tank)

Notes From Jayson

Team Update

After all the practicing, playing, and hard work we believe that the team is moving in the right direction. The players are working incredibly hard and all the parents are keeping the motivation going. We all need to help each other out. Our next season seems to alwayys be right around the corner. This gives us time to prepare the new older team, bring on new players and build up each players skills. We will let everyone know who the coaches will be for each team as soon as possible. Expect to have combined practice for both teams so that every player can learn from each other. Keep working on our ON FIRE prinicples.

Oh, and finally ...

So what's this all about?

Hawaiian Heat is a Non Profit ASA Girls Softball club. We are located in Mililani, Hawaii, hence the team name. We believe in positive coaching and team learning.

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