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Hawaiian Heat Coaching and Staff should emphasize positive instruction at all times. These are young girls that want to enjoy the sport and be part of a team. The players are learning at a rapid pace and improving daily. We may become fustrated at times but we need to keep focused on the fun of the game. As long as the players are enjoying themselves, we should be enjoying ourselves, too. Every adult that is part of Hawaiian Heat should work together to ensure each girl learns to be team players, good sports, have encouraging attitudes, and respect for the game. As parents, we can learn quite a bit from the game, as well. Coaching should be fun and enjoyable for everyone. The girls look up to adults as examples, so we need to set good examples for the children. You will find many coaching tips on this site. If you know of any additional tips, please share with us. Mahalo.

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    Better Outfielding

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    Coaching Young Players

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    Notes From Jayson

    I appreciate all the coaches and staff members help with setting up and running Hawaiian Heat.

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