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  • We will continue to practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Kippa Park in Mililani. Don't worry about a game schedule for another month or so.

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  • Kapunahala Park
  • Manana Neighborhood Park
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    Upcoming Events

    This season has just finished up with a great effort by everyone. The girls have made incredible progress in such a short period of time. There is still plenty of work to do. In the meantime, our fund-raising events have been awesome. The brownie sales were terrific, thanks to everyone's support and sweet-tooth. Shanel is putting together another fundraiser involving a local comedian. Shanel will provide all the details in the upcomming meetings. If anyone has any suggestions for additional fund raisers, please bring up your ideas at team meeting or email Shanel at shanels@hawaiianheat.org.

    Ways to Help Our Players

    As with any other skill, our girls need to continue with practice basic drills whenever possible. You will be surprised how much it will help both you and your daughter when you play catch. Just grab a glove (or two) and a ball, find some shade and toss the ball back and forth. It's okay if you daughter is much better at throwing and catching than you are. She'll give you some tips on ways to improve. If you can find some nice grass, practice some grounder and pop flies. Mentor your child and have fun at the same time. If you are not enjoying the practice, you can't expect your daughter to enjoy it either. There are plenty of great parks in Mililani to practice pitching, batting, and other basic skills. The weather is great so get outside and spend some quality time with your amazing player. Little things like that will be remembered the most when she grows up. Have fun, smile, and laugh with your kids. BTW, Bob has some really terrible jokes to torment your kids with if you need any Knock - Knock jokes

    Ways to Help Our Team

    We need sponsors. If you know a company that would like to support a not-for-profit girls softball team. Maybe you have a rich uncle, maybe you just hit the lottery, whatever you can do to get sponsor support for our team would be great. We'll have a link to the sponsor form below. Hawaiian Heat 10U also needs time. We need your time. This is an "all-volunteer" team, which means we need everyone to help out. There is no room for spectators here. We need score keepers, team managers, team moms (or team dads or team parents), dugout managers (gotta have big lungs and lots of patients), first aid administrators, event managers, and everything in between. The players need you too. They need positive encouragement, support, a helping hand when things aren't going well, love, and cheers. Please help out for the entire team. The team appreciates anything you can do to support us. Mahalo.

    Sponsorship Forms

    Please ask around to locate sponsors willing to help out our non-profit team. There are several incentive levels in the forms. We need everone's help.

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